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You're Different and That's Okay

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Every person with a disability is unique. Even those with the exact same diagnoses may have different capabilities. Some can hold down full-time jobs. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here, extremely nauseous and barely able to type this new article out, even while taking breaks. And that’s okay.

It’s important to consider your own capabilities and not compare yourself to others. Just because someone else can do something doesn’t mean you should expect yourself to be the same. Especially if what you’re comparing to is what’s posted on social media.

Social media often shows only the best face, not the whole story. Just because someone else seems to be always celebrating successes, always happy, etc., does not mean that that is a standard you can (or should) hold yourself to. Everyone is human. Everyone has bad days. But most people don’t make those bad days/times public, especially on social media.

So, do what you can. And take days off, as necessary. I’ve recognized that I’m not able to hold down a full-time job, personally. I set my schedule so that I can have days that are a complete wash, without being scheduled. Some days, I can get multiple articles written, I can drive multiple places, and I can create 1-2 new jewelry designs. Other days, it’s hard to even pull myself out of bed. And that’s okay.

Of course, this is probably not new. “Accept yourself as you are” and all that. It’s taken me years to come to terms with things (and, I’ll admit, some days I still struggle with it, especially as my capabilities keep changing). Just as with the rest of this, don’t beat yourself up if you struggle to accept your limitations. Some people are limiting themselves, after all, and those limitations can be pushed through. But accepting your limitations and working with them is not a problem, either!

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